An engaged workforce can reduce attrition by 400% and boost productivity

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We empower contact centres to build happy, high-performing teams. By collaborating with your People function and placing talent at the heart of everything we do, our team becomes your team.

This is a comprehensive guide to support contact centre leaders build an engaged workforce to boost employee morale and engagement, reduce attrition, create a great contact centre culture and ultimately, increase productivity and drive growth.

Tailor your approach

Different agents are engaged by different things – learn what makes them tick

Reduce burnout

Almost half of agents say they are frequently exhausted – forecast workloads more intelligently

Career progression

Educate everyone on career progression, not just those that actively seek it

About Jomo People

Contact centres are our passion. We’ve been around them our whole careers, and we love everything about them – the atmosphere, the fast pace, the opportunities for rapid career progression. So, after recruiting for contact centres for over 25 years, we couldn’t wait to start our own agency.

It’s our goal to become a trusted partner for our clients, and a cheerleader for our talented candidates. By taking the time to understand what really makes you tick – your values and goals – we find the best person for any contact centre role. People who’ll fit in right away.

So if you want to find talented people who are bought into your business, or an engaging contact centre job with a company that shares your values, you definitely want us in your corner! Get in touch.