Let’s face it, we’re in a market where candidates are staying put for the time being. If the last 12 months has shown us anything, it’s that we’re in a candidate-driven market, one where people aren’t taking chances when it comes to switching jobs – at least for now.

To me then, now seems a good time as any to really focus on how to create an employer brand which makes you stand out.

I know you’re hugely busy managing multiple projects, keeping recruitment moving along, ensuring you are visible to the business, fire-fighting whatever is coming through your door, but when that perfect hire is ready to search for their next contact centre role, you want to be ready to showcase your employer brand and why they should join you.

Why the urgency? I hear you cry. Whilst some contact centres are going down the remote working hybrid route, others are offering candidates who wish to work remotely the ability to do so, from anywhere.

Literally anywhere.

Working From Anywhere

Take Nationwide for instance, an employer who recently told 13,000 of its staff they could choose where they work under a new flexibility scheme. Even the ‘traditional’ brands are making a big move in supporting their teams. Who would have thought?!

Outside of contact centres, you’ve got the brands who set the course. Just look at Spotify. The company proudly states that work isn’t something you come to the office for, it’s something you do. And that effectiveness can’t be measured by the number of hours people spend in an office. As a result, people can work wherever. From home, in a co-working space, on the beach… in the mountains (as long as there’s Wi-Fi, I assume).

What Can You Offer?

Whilst you may not be able to compete with large employers like Spotify, you can, however, certainly learn from them.

Think about it.

By offering this change in working circumstance, we’re talking about both them (and Nationwide) as employer brands now.

The conversation has switched from Zoom party playlists and mortgage rates to what these brands are doing for their people – their employees!

That’s pretty cool, isn’t it? (I’d love to find out the impact the work from anywhere strategy has on time to hire, quality of application, and engagement. I bet it’s going to be significant).

According to Glassdoor, 84% of jobseekers value the reputation of a company as an employer when making a decision where to apply for a job. So – with this in mind then, why not take a leaf from these brands’ books and give your future talent an insight into YOU as an employer brand?

The great thing is, you don’t need to look too far to see some fantastic examples of employer brands showcasing why they are worth considering when a candidate is ready to go for their next role.

Employer Branding Examples – Which You Can Use

Here are our top picks of great examples of employer branding from businesses with a presence in Wales.

1. GoCo – Life at GoCo | Example: Employee Journeys 

GoCo employer brand example

When someone asks what it’s like to work somewhere, very rarely will someone first tell you about the cool swag or the perks they get. They’ll talk to you about the culture and brand. What the bosses are like, whether the company actually fulfils its promises. What the people are like, the kind of events they throw for their employees.

So, what better way to give future talent a glimpse into your culture and proposition than to showcase the stories of actual employees?

GoCo, the financial services company, which counts brands such as Look After My Bills and WeFlip amongst its growing portfolio, continues to demonstrate a master class in what great employer branding can look like.

Take GoCo’s Employee Journey.

Prospective candidates get the chance to hear from employees in their own words. How long they’ve worked with the company and how they’ve progressed. All examples are written by team members who are happy to – make that proud – to share their experience.

Social proof at its best!

2. Capital on Tap | Demonstrating what their values look like in the workplace 

When it comes to really communicating and living your values, you may walk the walk but do you talk the talk? Everyone knows that a great employer brand includes a set of brand pillars which influence the stories, propositions and of course, values, they tell.

Capital on Tap provides a great example of demonstrating what their values look like in the workplace. They get that values aren’t just words on a wall, you need to show people what’s expected of them.

Capital on Tap employer brand example


Their values are: Just Pilot, Be A Buddy, and Deliver it. Simple. To help prospective candidates decide whether these values align with their own, the Capital on Tap careers site includes examples of what this looks like by describing behaviours.

Think about applying this to your employer brand. This can help drive applications from relevant candidates who have already seen their values align. It can also help when using a specialist in contact centre recruitment (like us!) by prepping who you’re looking for and why.

3. Sonovate: Sharing their Values and Behaviours Playbook in Job Adverts

We’re big fans of Sonovate and the work they have done, and continue to do, on their employer brand. I mean, their people team just get it. They have looked at the candidate lifecycle, understand the different touch points a potential applicant would need to understand the culture and work out if it’s for them.

Take their job adverts for example. Yes, they’re clear about what they want and what they can offer a future hire but to really get across what they stand for, they include their values playbook and behaviours handbook. Actual downloadable copies of who they are and what they believe in.

sonovate employer brand example


They have looked at the candidate lifecycle, and provide examples to help talent understand their culture and work out if it’s for them. This is a great way to help both parties understand what’s expected, as well as a filtering tool for candidates to really understand if they’re likely to fit in.

Written by Sarah Hopkins, Co-founder.

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